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20 Features British Buyers Want When Looking For A Used or New Car

Consumer research has found that over a third of Brits don’t now shop around before buying a new car, opting for the first car that they go to see. Add in those people that only went to see one other car, and the figure rises to more than half.

But even though people are viewing fewer cars before making their choice, many will still bring someone with them to help look over their new potential purchase. Men are more confident than women, though, with only 40% taking someone along, compared with more than 71% of women. In both cases, it’ll most likely be their partner, with dads coming in at second most popular. And who has the final say? 66% of men claim they made the final decision on buying a car, compared with 55% of women.

When it comes to top priorities, men and women generally want exactly the same things when it comes to their cars. From the 2,000 drivers surveyed, over 71% said that price was the most important factor in their buying decision - with the average cost of their current vehicle at £11,313, compared with £1,596 that they typically paid for their first car. Although regionally, it seems that those in the North East are most concerned about price while Londoners are the least concerned.

Reliability was a close second with type of fuel, comfort, make of the car and economy all featuring in the top 10 things that Brits feel are important. When it came to size, men were slightly more concerned than women by whether a car would be large enough to carry their family and pets, while women were slightly more concerned about the size of the car in terms of ease of manoeuvrability. And it seems that the older you get, the badge the car is wearing becomes more important, too.

Amongst the biggest gripes Brits have about their cars are how slowly it accelerates, how much it costs to fill up and how many scratches and dents it has.

Even though four-in-ten drivers have bought a car and regretted doing so later, on the whole, the nation is largely content. Over half said that absolutely nothing annoys them about their cars and the thing they love the most is how reliable it is. Owners tend to keep their car for five years and eight months on average before getting a new one. Despite this, there were certain features that motorist said that they would want on their next car; air conditioning came top trumps with 42% saying it was a must, followed by parking sensors, electric windows and Sat-nav in fourth place.


  1. Air conditioning
    2 Parking sensors
  2. Electric windows
  3. Sat-nav
  4. Spacious boot
  5. Digital radio
  6. Demisting mirrors
  7. Automatic braking system
  8. Heated seats
  9. Bluetooth
  10. Parking cameras
  11. Sound system
  12. Cruise control
  13. Lumbar Support
  14. Panoramic Sunroof
  15. Leather seats
  16. Cup holder
  17. Heated Steering Wheel
  18. Remote Start
  19. Android Auto/Apple CarPlay