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A Screen Protector For Your Car Isn't A Crazy Idea It's Very A Real Idea

OCD car owners around the world will be wiping the sweat from their furrowed brows and rejoicing at the news that someone is finally offering a windscreen screen-protector. Replacing a damaged car windscreen has always, in the past been a simple operation. But today, it has become infinitely more complicated, due to the fact that ‘screen thicknesses have been reduced, to help save weight and cost, which in turn increases replacement cost and, for many new cars, a windscreen has become an integral part of 360° vehicle forward facing cameras.

Supercar owners in particular, are potentially facing thousands of pounds of cost and many months waiting, to replace a damaged windscreen with insurance companies looking at imposing caps on policy premiums.

The Reep Group, the UK based car care and detailing specialist, has developed a unique windscreen protection film ClearPlex™, which can prevent windscreen damage and, therefore, save motorist’s and companies replacement costs and inconvenience.
The optically clear, windscreen protection film was developed in America in association with NASA. It will effectively shield against road and weather damage, as well as withstanding the impact of stones and debris thrown up from the road surface that can often cause damage requiring the ‘screen to be replaced to meet MOT requirements.

ClearPlex™ film features UV stabilisers which help to reduce the heat within a vehicle and prolong the life of the interior. It will also protect against 99.9% of both UVA and UVB harmful rays as well as reducing glare, making driving an all-round better experience.

ClearPlex™ must be installed professionally and The Reep Group has eight high quality fitting and detailing centres across the UK where windscreen protection film, together with other technically advanced car care, surface technology and appearance systems can be undertaken.