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A Toyota Just Won A Car of The Year Award... WTF!

UK based Parkers.co.uk, the self-styled trusted no-nonsense advice site for the car-buying public, has awarded the Toyota C-HR the title of New Car of The Year. The Toyota C-HR is a subcompact crossover SUV that is powered purely by petrol engines with not a diesel option in sight.

C-HR buyers have a choice between the 115bhp 1.2-litre turbo or the 1.8-litre, 122bhp hybrid. The C-HR beat off the Skoda Karoq, SEAT Ibiza and BMW 5 Series to take the overall honors.

It's difficult to remember when Toyota last won a Car of The Year Award because Toyota do not make exciting cars, even when they try to inject a bit of flair into the process.

Toyota's efforts in recent years are similar to processed food, bland, indifferent... just... bloody bland. It's probable that Parkers.co.uk wanted a bit of attention.

Award shows can generate attention, award shows can also generate revenune, sponsorhip... and attention for the company holding the award show. So are awrads about the winner? Let's just say you decide on that point.

The Parkers New Car Awards are launched this year and reflect the views of Britain’s car-buying public. The winners were chosen based on the buying habits of the website’s 2.9+ million users.

Parkers.co.uk data-mined user behavior to generate the end results, however the team arrived at its conclusion, does mark a turnaround for Toyota in terms of just being more interesting.

Keith Adams, Parkers.co.uk editor, excitedly said: ‘It’s exciting that we’ve combined what we know about what our users are viewing on Parkers, with the team’s total 100+ years of editorial expertise. We’re pleased to have chosen such an interesting winner in the Toyota C-HR, in a thoroughly excellent line-up of cars.

‘The Toyota C-HR is a brilliant example of how the most functional of family cars can be spiced up with exciting detail, thoughtful touches and intelligent design to become a true game-changer. The Parkers.co.uk team loves the way it drives, and so, it seems, do the younger buyers who are now flocking to Toyota dealers, after years of passing them by.’