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As Britain Sweltered During The Summer Sales of Convertibles Melted

Soaring temperatures this summer failed to revive slumping convertible car sales. Even as Britons baked during the joint hottest summer on record, the lure of open-top motoring inspired fewer car-buyers than ever, according to recent data studies.

Manufacturers have been axing convertible models in recent years, as demand dwindles.

Today, with fewer open top cars than ever sold from an ever-shrinking range of models, all the signs are that the UK market for convertibles is moving from mainstream to niche.

Sales of new convertibles in the UK slumped 23% over the past four years, according to the statistics provided by automotive data analysis company, JATO. In 2017 just 4,311 open-top cars were registered. Over the same period the number of different convertible models offered by manufacturers reduced from 60 to 52.

But the surest sign that convertibles are slipping out of mind for British motorists is the dwindling number of times people searched online for the details of convertibles for sale, even as temperatures soared this summer.

Because convertible versions of any car model have tended to be more expensive than conventional versions it might be unsurprising that sales would be hit by current economic uncertainty and the effects of austerity.