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Kahn Design Kill It With Bespoke Range Rover Sport SVR Pace Car

OK, so we have mentioned Kahn Design before, to re-cap, the British based company creates all manner of after market parts and indulges in vehicle conversions. Unsurprisingly they have a lot of converts from footballers, celebrities, to Middle Eastern Princesses. Located in Bradford the company started off by creating aftermarket alloy wheels and migrated to re-trimming interiors to creating aftermarket body kits.

This top of the range 550bhp Range Rover Sport SVR is their latest creation and probably one of the best conversions we have ever seen released from the 'skunk-works' that is Kahn Design Studios.
And they do have a studio and they do employ professional designers and everything is engineered to manufacturing standards as evidenced by this Range Rover Sport SVR 'Pace Car' modification.
The body work is made from a blend of ABS polymers or carbon composite such as the Kahn designed front bumper which includes integrated air dams along with an LE grille with 3-D mesh and a new splitter.
The Kahn Design Range Rover Sport Pace Car rides on 23 x 9.5 Pace Car alloy wheels featuring a Diamond Cut on Gloss Black finish. The interior is a sea of leather with quilted and perforated upholstery.

But it won't come cheap, quality never is, to be brutally straight forward it's £124,995 and that's how much it costs to be an individual in the 21st Century.