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BMW 8 Series Gran Coupe Concept Tipped For A Geneva Motorshow Reveal

The 2018 Geneva Motorshow is just a few days away, and there will be many new car reveals and concepts on display. Talking of concepts BMW is tipped to preview the 8-Series Gran Coupe Concept. Or is it?

BMW is currently testing the all new, flagship 8-Series 2-door coupe, we only get a clue of what it looks like because it is under test camouflage.

The 8 Series Coupe will aim to rival the S Class Coupe, expect it to cost the earth and depreciate in worth and value faster than Oxfam.

If the Gran Coupe derivative does go into production it will almost certainly be powered by a 600bhp V8, 4.4-litre, twin-turbo petrol engine.
The Gran Coupe moniker is used by BMW to denote a four-door coupe derivative of a 2-door coupe.

The 8-Series Gran Coupe Concept could well make it into production. Indeed an assembly line is probably already in place.

BMW product plans years in advance, so the 8-Series Gran Coupe was almost certainly given the greenlight many months ago.

So why bother with a concept launch at the Geneva Motorshow? It's simple... publicity.

The 2018 Geneva Motorshow opens to the press on 6-7 March. The exhibition is open to ordinary people from March 8-18.