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Don't Suffer Driver Fatigue During The Festive Season - Take A Break Says Research

It’s that time of year again when the nation dusts off the decorations, dons a festive jumper and jumps in the car laden with presents. But as Brits begin to plan the trip to family and friends for the festive period, Europcar UK research reveals that only 20% of drivers take a proper break on long journeys.

According to road safety organisation, Brake, 1 in 6 road crashes are fatigue related. And Europcar research reveals that 16% of drivers only stop on a long journey when they need to refuel the car, with over a quarter (26%) saying they usually stop to use the toilet and carry on the journey as fast as possible.

Worryingly, only a fifth of drivers (20%) say they make sure to stop at a service station long enough to feel rested and carry on the journey.

Advice from road safety organisations3 suggests that a break of around 15 minutes should be taken every 2 hours on a long journey. And Europcar UK believes this is particularly important for the festive season when the traffic is heavier than normal – as well as much of the driving being done in the dark and often wintry conditions.