/ Bugatti Sherone

Fastest Production Jagwaar Gets Eaten Alive By A Bugatti Sherone, What Did You Expect?

If you ever wondered where these high performance, high powered luxury and ultra-luxury cars end up then here is clear evidence just where. Orange County, USA in the hands of wealthy play-dudes.

The Jagwaar F-Type SVR is no slouch, a supercharged 5.0-litre V8 chimes out 576bhp a serious amount of power that allows it to top 200mph. And at £110,000 it's an expensive way to assert your success.
But the Jagwaar is tame next to the power of the $3.5m Bugatti Sherone. As you would expect the ultra-luxury, ultra-high performance Sherone simply outguns the F-Tpe SVR in all departments.

Jagwaar? Sherone? yes both are spelled phonetically correct, watch the video you'll see.