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Ferrari Hits It Out of The Park With Stunning, All New Portofino Drop Top

Destination Portofino, a region of Italy located South West of Genoa, a small fishing village by day scattered on the Italian Riviera coastline that has slowly turned into a trendy destination for the super-rich and their expensive multi-million pound yachts. This picturesque region of Italy has also become a hidden secret for A-List celebrities seeking anonymity among the shabby chic pastel shaded buildings and expensive designer stores and equally expensive restaurants.

It is a fitting location for the name of the all new Ferrari Portofino, luxury and exclusivity is guaranteed. The Ferrari Portofino is the replacement for the California T, using a revised V8 turbo from the 488 GTB the Portofino is essentially an entry level Ferrari.
Taking design cues from the F12, the Portofino is a classic rear-wheel-drive front engined 2+2 Ferrari. And it has blistering pace and performance to match the looks.

The 3.8-Litre V8 turbo propels the Portofino to a top speed of 200mph, the o-62mph time is recorded in just 3.5 seconds all thanks to 591bhp and and 759Nm of torque. The retractable hard top roof allows the Portofino to transform from coupe to convertible.
The Portofino is built on an all new lightweight, aluminium platform which reduces weight, Ferrari don’t say by how much but they do add that the overall structure is now more stiffer than the California T meaning that handling and ride will be improved.
Ferrari have uprated the suspension setup from the California T and the Portofino gets a third generation electronic differential, E-DIFF. The California’s magnetorheological damping system (SCM-E) has been uprated with dual-coil technology.
All this is designed to improve ride, handling and mechanical grip. The Portofino is the first Ferrari to be fitted with an electronic steering system.
The Ferrari Portofino will make its world debut at the Frankfurt International Motor Show in September, 2017.

Pricing has yet to be revealed, however a base spec California T costs £155k so expect to see a price rise when the Portofino goes on sale next year.

Ferrari being Ferrari will probably add another £20k to the asking price, a typical Ferrari buyer will not complain because you can’t put a price on exclusivity unless you are Ferrari.