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Ford Mustang RTR On Fire As It Mercilessly Drifts Around The Nurburgring

What do you get when you combine the forces of Monster Energy Drinks, Vaughn Gittens Jr and the Nurburgring? Marketing, and you also get a 900bhp Ford Mustang RTR just waiting to be throttled around 12 miles of tarmac hell.

Vaughn Gittens Jr is a champion drifter. The Mustang featured in this video was modified by RTR Vehicles (Ready To Rock).

And guess what? RTR Vehicles is a company owned by Gittens Jr himself. However, the engine was upgraded by Roush Yates Engines.

Roush Yates Engines makes tuned V8’s exclusively for Ford. They also sell and install modified engines to the general public on side.

So what you get at the end of the day is... 7 minutes of YouTube.