/ Shmee150

From Beaten Up Ford Fiesta To Brand Spanking New Mercedes C Class Coupe Cabriolet

Shmee150 is a popular and very successful YouTube personality, he was successful before he was a mega successful YouTuber having worked in finance. In Central London. That means he was paid a lot of money, a bucket load of money to buy sell and buy and buy and sell stocks and commodities.

He left all of that behind to set up a shop selling electrical goods and guess what happened, his shop was successful. Today YouTube and related commercial aggreements are Shmee150's main source of income.

Fast forward from his first YouTube video upload in 2006 too 2017 and Shmee150 owns a supercar collection worth close to £1 million GBP.

And what was his sister driving while Shmee150 was rolling in it? A beaten up Ford Fiesta. Bigger brother needs to be more responsible.

Now littl' sis is buying an expensive and very new Mercedes C Class Coupe Cabriolet.