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How Has Buying A Used Car Changed In The Digital Age?

One of the first online wholesalers that became big news in the UK was eBay, which landed on our shores towards the end of 2006. Sites like these revolutionised the way we shop, often giving the consumer greater power and putting the seller in a perceived disadvantage.

Fast forward yet another decade as we fast approach 2020, and you may be shocked at the way we still buy our cars. Dealerships are still thriving, however what has changed is the way in which we communicate with them. We can generally chat to salespeople online without having to pick up the phone, be sent a personal video of the exact car, and even be generated quotes to suit our ideal payment methods.

Now, that’s all great, but with the average price of a new car close to £30,000 and tightening restrictions with emissions, new cars are becoming increasingly out of reach for younger drivers.

That’s where online used car retailers fit into the equation, plugging the gap between what are usually poorly regarded used car showrooms and the aforementioned online new car industry. Consumers have the power to purchase from the comfort of their own home, mostly risk free.

That’s to say, rather than taking the word of an independent seller, trusted companies complete safety checks on your behalf while providing high quality photos and as much detail as possible.

When we think of used cars, we frequently think of 10 year old models if not older, and although this is often the case, used cars can also refer to cars fewer than 1 year old with minimal miles on the clock, such as pre-registered models. This opens up the doors for a whole new type of buyer, meaning the used car market applies to a vast proportion of the public as opposed to only those who can afford brand new cars.

So to conclude, the main points we can take from how to buy a used car in the digital age are that the buyer often assumes more power and control than traditional methods. The experience is more tailored around the buyer than ever before, who is able to quickly research and even complete a purchase from their own home while trusting the company, all while having a warranty to fall back on.