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Is The Electric Car A Reality Or Is It An Electric Lie?

Remember when the government encouraged motorists to make the switch from petrol to diesel because of environmental concerns? Well we, you the motorist are now being told that electric vehicles are the way forward to reducing carbon emissions. Are we, the public, being sold another lie? particularly when you consider the fact current EV technology is way less convenient than petrol or diesel. Yes the latter is way more polluting, but is it worth making the switch to EV's now?

That inconvenience hasn't stopped drum beating sycophants who align themselves with corporations in order advance a lie on behalf of corporations while ignoring the elephant in the room. Current battery technology is useless. EV's are not the solution just yet.

So what did the survey of 1,000 people actually reveal?

51% of British motorists expect to buy an electric car within five years
Change is being driven by men, with 60% of male drivers expecting to drive an EV within five years compared to 42% of women
45% of motorists cite rising fuel prices as the reason for change while only 36% are driven by environmental concerns
Northern Ireland, where charging infrastructure is more developed, has the highest proportion ready to switch to electric (77%)

However, the survey also showed that there are still barriers to ownership and that the Government and automotive industry has work to do to convince every motorist. Problems cited include the cost of vehicles (27%), lack of charging infrastructure (22%), driving range (20%) and lack of knowledge (21%).

This survey, while extrapolating interesting facts, is a publicity stunt to promote Total EV. I am promoting Total EV through this post. You should always take surveys with a pinch of salt followed by a Martini… shaken... not stirred.

Opinions change over time, the diesel and petrol era is drawing to an end because governments have obligations to cut emissions to meet climate change targets. But if doing so affects the GDP then it isn't over just yet. Minds can be changed.