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Just How Does A YouTuber Afford A £200k Ferrari? Tom Exton Explains

Meet 29-year-old Tom Exton, a city slicker working in the banking industry by day who runs a fitness side business during the evening which turns-over additional £1.2m per year. How a banker can maintain such a busy schedule and find the hours to be in tip-top physical condition is a mystery.

Let's just say people like taking short-cuts to get a 50-inch chest and no, paracetamols will have the desired effect.

Tom also has a YouTube channel, TGETV, not fitness related like his side business but it's about the car, cars and cars.

Tom is already successful enough to really not bother going onto YouTube to earn those channel partnership ad revenues.

But this video is interesting because it gives us an insight into how a city banker is able to afford a £200,000 Ferrari.

The answer really is simple, debt, he's a banker what the hell did you expect.