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Kid's Dream McLaren 720s Moment Turns Into A Nightmare Crash

Rule number never lose money. Rule number 2, don't forget rule number 1. A kid in Toronto, Canada forgot all the rules associated with being sensible, but really you shouldn't have expected anything less from a 19-year old man-child.

Speculation has it that the kid switched off all launch control and stability software. That would make sense if it was an experienced race pro, it doesn't make sense at all for a... kid.

The McLaren 720S is more of a tool as much as it a pure machine, in the wrong hands it is a crash waiting to happen.Grainy YouTube footage reveals the kid has plenty of experience in immaturity and irresponsibility.

You know what happens... the kid launches the 720S, the issue here is that he uses a street with parked cars on either side.

The kid quickly loses control and manages to smash into a parked Audi R8, he fled the scene but left behind incriminating evidence, his passport.

Apparently, the kid's sister turned up a few minutes later in a Lamborghini trying to take the blame.

What astonishes us is that we really didn't know Canadians can afford supercars.