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Lunatic Driver With The Mentality of A PlayStation Gamer Destroys His Porsche 911

This is the aftermath of the typical ability of a Porsche owner. Make no mistake a 911, even in standard form is a real driver’s car, and if you treat it like a PlayStation racing game then you will suffer PlayStation like consequences.

Yes, gravity is real, E=mc2 does work on earth and this 911 crash demonstrates the effects of gravity and Einstein's theory with equally nuclear-like results.
This was no ordinary Porsche, it was the 500bhp, £141k 911 GT3 RS a barely disguised race car for the road.
The driver was travelling at considerable speed before losing control and mounting a grass verge which inadvertently acted like a ramp.
The GT3 RS was launched into the air before tumbling, crashing and rolling back to earth, hundreds of yards from the initial point of accident.

The 'event' happened on the Isle of Man, a part of Britain that has no speed limits.

The driver is known to have escaped uninjured.