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Mama Mia! The Lamborghini Terzo Millennio Concept is Pure Molto Bene

Lamborghini often outdoes the supercar fraternity for power, performance and most of all outrageous looks. And they have done it again with the monstrously overt Terzo Millennio concept - it means "Third Millennium" in English.

The Terzo Millennio concept is a pure electric Lamborghini ultra-hypercar with theoretical concepts co-created with the brightest minds from MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology).
One year in conceptualising and making, the Terzo Millennio isn't just a good looking concept created to make a statement of future, indeed the Terzo features advancements in current electric car technology. But only at a theoretical level.

Familiar electric car concepts are present.
Instead of batteries, the Terzo is powered by supercapacitors this also allows for the ability to store more energy either to use as a super-boost or to be deployed at a later time of convenience or choosing.

Familiar present-day technology features four motors in each of the wheels to provide four-wheel drive. Without old technologies like a transmission tunnel and cogs, power is directed by wires.
And as outrageous as the Terzo Millennio appears those looks are fully optimised for aerodynamic efficiency says Lamborghini. Although we are pretty sure Lambo went for outrageous looks over aero-efficiency.

The Terzo is a concept, ultimately concepts are never realised. However, future conventional Lamborgini's, could use elements of the Terzo's styling.

Regrettably, the Terzo may end up being a side-show, but what a distraction it is.