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McLaren Ultimate Series Set To Expand With Street Legal, P15, War Machine

The most extreme road car in McLaren’s history is set to make its debut later this year Codenamed ‘P15’. The latter will reside as the second car in McLaren’s Ultimate Series range of hypercar(s) after the hybrid P1. The P15 is rumored to have an 800PS engine with an overall weight of less than 1,300kg. The P15 will be a stripped out, no compromise, no surrender war machine for the road.

Designed to be the most extreme car in the Ultimate Series line-up, McLaren’s engineers have reportedly been given the freedom to prioritise performance over everything else and the P15 is said to be faster on a racing circuit than any McLaren, bar the track-only P1 GTR.

At its heart is a tweaked version of McLaren’s 3.8-litre twin turbo V8 said to produce around 800PS (789bhp) – making it more powerful than the 727bhp produced by the road-going P1’s engine, but below the 903bhp peak achieved when the P1’s electric motor is also in operation.

McLaren’s latest Monocage II one-piece carbonfibre tub reduces the weight of the P15 to 1,300kg, in comparison the P1 GTR weighs in at over 1,540kg. Straight-line performance is expected to match, if not beat, the P1’s figures of 0-60mph in 2.7 secs and a quarter mile time of 10.2 seconds.

The P15's exterior design-language will follow in the footsteps set by the P1. Existing McLaren customers and potential buyers will get a private preview ahead of an official public debut at March during 2018’s Geneva Motor Show.

A price tag of around £700,000 plus tax (£840,000 in the UK) is mooted with production set to be limited to just 500 cars.