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McLaren Use Pure Imagination To Create The Ultimate GT For Gran Turismo Sport

Remember Gran Turismo Sport? That video game, the real driving simulator for the PlayStation 4? It was meant to be a definitive successor to Gran Turismo 6. That was back in 2013, four years later G.T.S is finally nearing completion, October 17 is the official release date.

The makers of the game invited McLaren to design a high-performance car with no limitations and you can well "imagine" what the designers at McLaren came up with.
The McLaren Ulitmate Vision GT is the response, there is extreme and then there is extreme, the Ultimate Vision GT is designed to go beyond the known extremes. Albeit in the safe, sanitized virtual world of PS4.

The design form of the McLaren Ultimate Vision Gran Turismo follows its function, meaning every single line and detail has a purpose. Just like McLaren’s road cars, the teardrop cabin and extensive glazing ensure exceptional visibility.
And being single-minded in putting the driver first, meant an innovative approach to seating – the driver is positioned not just forward and centrally in the chassis, but lying on their front, with the rest of the car ‘shrink-wrapped’ around them.

This is one McLaren that will not be limited to just a handful of examples, it will be made available to players who will be able to choose from three liveries: Performance, Ulterior and Noir.