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Mercedes Aim For The Stratosphere With New Project One Hypercar

You'll have to wait until September 12 to see what Mercedes' latest hypercar will look like, for now, you will have to make do with this paltry teaser shot of the Project One. So why the secret? Because it's all part of the marketing plan of course, so let's just hope a disgruntled Mercedes employee leaks images on the internet before the 12th.

For now what we do know is very little, however, the silhouette in the image is reminiscent of the 1990's Mercedes CLK GTR. So we reckon the Project One will be a modern interpretation of the latter.

Of the Project One Mercedes do say that it will be a two‑seater supersports that brings F1 derived Formula 1 hybrid technology to the road.

This high-performance hybrid has an output of over 1000 hp and a top speed exceeding 217mph.

The showcar has been engineered to combine racetrack performance with day-to-useability. Meaning it will be utterly insane... And utterly expensive.