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On The QWest To Create The Worlds First Tesla Shooting Brake

This is the world’s first Tesla-based production Shooting Brake by QWest a Carbon fibre coachbuilding specialist based in Norfolk, UK. The Tesla Shooting Brake is based on the Model S (90) and carries over the standard Model S’s 0-60mph time of just 2.8 seconds.

Its visible carbon fibre on the tailgate, rear roof section and D pillar mark it out against the standard car while adding strength and reducing weight.

It’s 7.4 cubic feet larger than the standard 90D, but is actually 12kg lighter thanks to QWest’s use of carbon fibre. It was developed to be more than simply a conversion – it’s an integrated design, an engineered solution that complements the car it’s based on.
QWest built the Tesla Shooting Brake after a chat at a nearby pub with a successful, local business man who just purchased his second Tesla. The shooting brake was built to meet the needs... of his dogs.

After spending a year on the project the Tesla Shooting Brake was born. Unintentionally QWest created a halo car, a demonstration of sorts, showcasing their technical expertise in carbon fibre technology.

Cost? we really don't know