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People Are Just Not Interested In Buying Electric Cars Right Now Research Shows

Just one in 100 car buyers are actively looking at new electric vehicles despite the Government announcing an investment of over £500m in incentives and infrastructure, according to new research. In the two weeks since Chancellor Philip Hammond caused mass confusion over the future of cleaner diesels in his Budget, analysis of new car enquiries by What Car? has shown no immediate downturn in consumer interest in diesels; a third (30%) are still considering the fuel type.

Mr Hammond also announced plans to extend the Government’s Plug-In Car Grant to 2020 – the equivalent of a £100m investment – and a further £400m to increase electric vehicle charging points.

But despite new car buyers being able to secure significant discounts in What Car?'s New Car Buying Marketplace of over 30% or £8,000 on electric models like the Nissan LEAF and over 40% on the Renault Zoe, two thirds of car buyers are still looking for petrol cars. Searches for the best deals on hybrids like the Toyota Prius on What Car? account for 8% of all dealer enquiries.

From April 2018, the Government intends to increase taxation on new diesel cars from April 2018, unless they meet a new standard called Real Driving Emissions, Step 2 – a certification that does not come into force until 2020, meaning that no new cars will be able to prove they meet it.

The Urus is expected to go on sale in Q3, 2018 and cost around £170,000.