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Renault Symbioz Concept Is A Glimpse Into The Future of All Renaults

This is the SYMBIOZ concept demo car which is powered by all-electric motors. The two electric motors powering the SYMBIOZ are located on the rear axle, with each motor driving one wheel. This rear-wheel drive system ensures that power is fed to the road more efficiently.

The SYMBIOZ provide Renault with the opportunity to demonstrate in real-life conditions a car that is autonomous, electric and connected.

Together with a 4CONTROL all-wheel steering system the SYMBIOZ demo delivers maximum power of 500kW and 660Nm peak torque (360kW and 550Nm continuous).
Acceleration from standstill to 62mph (100kph) in 6 seconds. The 700V power supply enables a greater ramp-up in power.

The SYMBIOZ demo car comes with a 72kWh battery pack. The vehicle architecture can accommodate batteries with a capacity of up to 100kWh.

The batteries can then be charged to 80 percent of their capacity in less than half 1 hour.
The cabin layout has been flexibly designed to accommodate the car’s different driving modes and Level 4 ‘mind-off’ automation, allowing the driver to stop paying attention to the road and do something else. For example:

  • There is no centre console
  • The air vent system has been redesigned to achieve a flat floor through to under the dashboard
  • The storage areas in the dashboard have been moved to free up space on the sides
  • The door panels have been optimised with built-in lighting
    The L-shaped digital display developed by LG saves cabin space, while also providing new features.

It comprises three customizable OLED screens which display information in real time about driving, navigation and cabin comfort.
The Symbioz is a car that is designed to drive you, a variant of the autonomous tech will filter into production models by 2019. An unreliable self-driving Renault, now that's a future I don't want to see.