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Shmee150,He's Gotta' Bromance Goin' On Wid Nico Rosberg

Shmee150 was comfortable enough before he started his ultra-successful YouTube channel, and we reckon his teeth were a deeper shade of yellow. But stardom has an effect on people and even yer typical "guy next door" requires teeth whitening because... probably his agent advised him to do so.

But if you're not subconsciously looking at Shmee150's bright and perfectly aligned teeth then it is quite possible you are admiring his car collection which is equally as shiny as those pearly-whites.

As Shmee150's profile continues to grow he's getting some famous followers, one such follower is non-other than ex-F1 World champ Nico Rosberg.

Rosberg - who happens to chance around the corner - joins Shmee150 to collect his latest supercar toy, A Mercedes AMG GT.