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Six New Cars That Will Depreciate The Least Once They Leave The Showroom

The minute you drive your new car out of the dealership, its value drops dramatically - but there are some models that will hold their worth far better than others.

Automotive data experts cap hpi has compiled this list of depreciation busting cars – vehicles that represent a great brand new purchase for drivers.

Mark Bulmer, Black Book editor at cap hpi presents his selections….

Ford KA plus

Mark says: “Ford introduced a car with five doors that’s only a fraction smaller than Britain’s top seller the Ford Fiesta and priced it from less than £10,000. The car is well finished both inside and out. Its competitive price is backed up with low insurance bandings ranging from group one for the 75PS model – the only five door car in this class to achieve the minimum rating – to group five for the higher powered Zetec.”

**Dacia Sandero Stepway **
Mark says: “The Stepway’s SUV styling and raised ride height gives it a greater measure of desirability than the Sandero hatchback it is based on. You have to pay a bit more for these looks, but like all Dacias, the Stepway still offers excellent value for money and it is based on proven Renault mechanical components, this helps make it a winner.

Audi A1
Mark says: “The A1 comes in both three and five-door versions and has everything you would expect to see on Audi’s larger cars – stylish front LED lights, the bold Audi grill and modern lines along the sides. This is a sleek, attractive vehicle and is one of the most appealing small cars you can buy. This may be the smallest Audi, but six airbags have helped earn it five stars in Euro NCAP crash tests and you can opt for the same safety technology that you will find on larger more expensive models.”

**Porsche Macan **
Mark says: “The Macan is like a large hot hatchback, whilst at the same time a medium sized Luxury SUV. This car has been built with the emphasis on performance and driver enjoyment rather than a load carrying SUV. Other similar vehicles fail to match the driving dynamics and build quality of the Macan.”

Toyota C-HR
Mark says: “This stylish Toyota is a true crossover between SUV and a coupe and this look has proved very popular with car buyers. The car comes in hybrid and petrol derivatives and both have proved to be popular. Competition in this sector is strong but this stylish car has proved its metal and is already a top selling hybrid.”

Ford Focus RS
Mark says: “The Focus RS is a very easy car to drive. Behind the wheel in everyday traffic, the car is easy to drive and makes a daily commute a more pleasant experience. However, when pushed this car very quickly becomes a high performance hatch back with real sure-footedness when pushed into corners. This car has a loyal following that continues to hold this vehicle in high regard and as long as the manufacturer continues to control overall volumes it looks set to hold it cult like status.”