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So What Do You Think of The Flying Huntsman 110 6X6 Double Cab By Kahn Design

Having received much acclaim for fashioning the Flying Huntsman 110 6X6 Double Cab Pick Up and Wide Body models, Kahn Design's latest, bespoke coach built 6x6 is set to translate into the real world very soon.

This teaser sketch is a statement of Kahn's intent, it's an off-shoot derivative design of the Flying Huntsman with a soft top rear roof portion, the word is it's now nearing a reality.

Kahn Design is a bespoke outfitter specialising in the automotive world, the company is led by Afzal Kahn.

Kahn is famous for buying the F1 license plate which he famously refused to sell despite being offered multi-millions,

A good mark up considering he paid $480k back in 2008, an extraordinary amount for the time.

Eventually, Kahn put the plate up for sale in 2014 for £10m, at this time the fate of the F1 number plate is unknown.

Kahn Design originally started designing and making aftermarket car accessories, specifically wheel rims.

Now the company has branched out into bespoke personalisation through the Chelsea Truck Company which created the wide-bodied Defender-based Flying Huntsman.

This concept is sketch-based thus far, more information will be released in the coming weeks and months ahead.

It won't come cheap, at minimum expect to pay close £100k for exclusivity.