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Somebody Tell Rolls Royce Only A Lunatic Would Pay £38,000 For A Designer Chair

The Elysium R by David Hugh Ltd, is billed as the most technologically advanced chair in the world – neutralising gravity, implementing floatation theory and taking comfort to a new level.

The Elysium-R has a unique floatation mechanism allowing the user to move silently in zero-gravity conditions. Of course the latter is just marketing speak because ironically this so-called zero-gravity chair could not work without Earth's gravity having an effect upon it.
Just 18 Elysium-R chairs will be made available worldwide and one of those chairs is on display at Rolls Royces' Mayfair showroom in London.

Yes, it may look as though a hobo has been sitting in it since 1991 but this British designed and hand made designer chair will find buyers now that it has a Rolls Royce seal of approval.
But the real question is, who would pay £38k for a designer chair? A millionaire or billionaire very obviously but they would still have to have the disposition of a lunatic.

What would I know? maybe if I were super rich then £38k would be small change relatively speaking.