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Someone Just Concept Rendered The Rolls Royce SUV And It Looks Hideous

The very thought of a Rolls Royce SUV is so disturbing one can only hope it is just so... a disturbing thought. Unfortunately, current market trends have forced Rolls Royce into a corner. The unbreakable rule is, the customer is always right.

And that leads us - and therefore Rolls Royce - straight into the SUV territory. This feels so wrong yet for the typical Rolls Royce customer, it is so right.

SUV Sales are booming from the lower end of the auto market and now to the very top of the ultra-luxury segment. Accountants are saying it is ripe for exploiting, one reason why Bentley made the Bentayga SUV.

Conceptualiser, Peisert Design, has been busy trying to figure out the styling language of the Rolls Royce SUV, which is currently codenamed Cullinan and will officially be released in 2018.
Based on numerous spy shot photos, Peisert Design's results are tragically disgusting and as worse than one could ever have imagined possible.

Don't blame Peisert Design, he tried his hardest, and he is one of the best auto conceptualisers around.

Let us hope and pray the Rolls Royce SUV looks like this evocation. For then, only then, will the market turn on this nasty styling blemish.

Yes, I am praying the Rolls Royce SUV will be a total failure, a wrong turn, a blip in the proud history of Rolls Royce.

Rolls Royce, don't feed the market... be the market.