/ Sophia Floersch

Sophia Floersch Becomes The First Female To Have A Huge Crash In F3

Sophia Floersch made the headlines for all the wrong reasons but in the most spectacular way possible. Despite the banner headlines for this article being a play on words (admittedly for click-bait) Floersch managed to survive one of the biggest motorsport crashes seen in years.

Floersch was competing in the end of season F3 World Cup which is always held in Macau. The street circuit event usually goes unnoticed to the wider public.

F3 is a feeder series into many pro motorsports categories, F1 being the main one. If you make your name in F3 you get noticed by F1.

And Sophia Floersch made her name known when she lost control of her Amersfoort Racing at high speed.

The force of the impact catapulted her car backward into the air before back-flipping into an unfortunately located photographers stand.

Floersch suffered a fractured spine and underwent an 11 hour operation to remove a bone fragment lodged close to her spinal cord.

The incident also injured a track marshal and two photographers. All three required hospital treatment for serious but non-life threatening injuries.

After her operation Floersch was able to write on Facebook thanking well wishers and signalling an intention to get back behind the wheel.