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YouTuber, Sssniperwolf, Earns Herself A Brand New Mercedes S550 Coupe

So, Sssniperwolf is a female gaming nerd, the U.S. based YouTuber started her own channel around 4 years ago and has acquired a substantial following, over 6 million YouTube subs and counting...

Obviously that makes her a top YouTube personality. When a YouTuber is able to build a huge following they become YouTube channel partners, a gateway to earning a share of the platform's advertising revenue.

Basically, for every 1m views Sssniperwolf gets she in return receives around $3000 USD in ad revenue.

With nearly 1bn views the kid (she is 24) is worth around $1.5m (after taxes) and don't forget additional sponsorship which could be worth nearly as much.

That's easily enough for her to afford a brand new Mercedes S550 Coupe which retails for $130,000 before expensive options.

Maybe Sssniperwolf could get herself a bargain here on Carcela.com just sayin' innit.