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Survey Shows Car Owners Hate Dealing With Garage Mechanics

Customers hate dealing with car repair garages more than any other trade, according to a new survey carried out by the UK’s leading warranty company, Warrantywise.

The results showed that repair garages now beat estate agents into first place, with plumbers taking the third spot in the podium of pain.

The survey of 1,320 people showed that customers felt baffled by technical jargon, so are worried about taking their car to a dealer or garage for fear of being ripped off.

The anguish was felt by both men and women, but a massive 78% of female respondents said they felt likely to be ripped off by a garage when their car went wrong, versus 62% of males.

The survey showed part of the issue is a lack of understanding of car components and a use of jargon which can confuse car owners. For example, 74% of respondents admitted they wouldn’t know what a common faulty part, such as a DPF* is and what it does in their car.

The image problem is even worse for franchised main dealers, with a massive 96% of customers saying they thought they would have to pay more if they took their car to a main dealer, rather than an independent garage. This is unsurprising, as Warrantywise data shows main dealer labour charges can top £230 per hour.

The worst five companies/services that customers least look forward to dealing with, according to Warrantywise survey of 1,320 customers:

Car repair garages
Estate Agents
Electrician s
Telephone service providers