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Tesla's Millions, Company Spends Over $8,000 Per Minute To Make EV Future Happen... Today

As Tesla ramps up their product offensive and the world interprets every word uttered by CEO Elon Musk a far grittier reality lurks behind the scenes. Draw back the curtain and you won't find a man behind it, you’re more likely to find Tesla accountants trying to make sense of where all the money is going.

To give us the future Tesla is spending big, $480,000 dollars per hour big. Like the film "Brewster’s Millions" Tesla is willingly - as they say in the investment community - burning through a pile of cash.

This "burn Rate" as it is known is crucial for Tesla. Similar to Brewster’s Millions, Tesla will have spent all of that money at a set specific time. August 6, 2:17am, New York time.

In other words, it’s the age-old adage of spending money to earn more money. News of this detail hasn’t dented investor confidence, last week Tesla shares rose by 3 percent to $317.81.

That represents a market capitalisation of $53billion dollars, Tesla is now worth more than Ford who can only boast a $48 billion valuation.

Right now Tesla do not produce enough to recoup the burn rate so they have to rely on asking customers to pay an initial deposit. And people are doing so in numbers.

The new Roadster hypercar will cost $250,000 when it is launched in 2020, Tesla is asking customers to pay in full for the first edition model which will be limited to 1,000 units, before the car even enters production.

For the standard Roadster, Tesla is asking for a pre-order deposit of $50,000. The pre-order asking price for the recently revealed Semi is only $5,000.

Tesla needs to ramp up production to recoup its investment but numerous production delays are hampering efforts to do so.

By Tesla's own admission they need to produce at least 5,000 model 3 units per week. They have yet to do so.

Industry analysts reckon Tesla need to raise at least $2billion by mid-2018 to meet Elon Musk’s ambitious targets.

It's fair to say the future... it's expensive.