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The Future of Luxury Autonomous Driving In Its Most Lucid Vision According To MKBHD

Popular YouTube content creator-man, MKBHD, takes his love of gadgets into the next realm by testing the Lucid Air. Developed by Lucid Motors the Air is a peak into the future of motoring, moving beyond the internal combustion engine era and into a pure electric, fully autonomous now.

California based Lucid Motors was established 11 years ago and comprises mainly of ex Mazda and Tesla employees, among others.

Lucid aims to build a $700m production facility with the plan to output up to 130,000 pure electric vehicles per year by 2022.

The Lucid Air is a demonstration of the company's future product portfolio and is touted as being ultra-luxury, pure electric autonomous motoring. Quite a mouthful indeed.

Don't be deceived by the Lucid Air's refined looks, it generates 1,000bhp and is said to be capable of hitting 235mph.

In the early part of the 20th century, inventor Nikola Tesla envisaged electric cars being the norm, indeed the earliest known electric motor was invented before the ICE engine.

So, the talk of an electric powered future be it automotive or otherwise is an outdated concept, because it should be now, not tomorrow or 10-20 years from today.

The reason why gas powered engines became the norm was because the cost infrastructure was cheaper to implement.

Now the rush is on to implement an electric future, whatever the cost.

One can only imagine that Tesla must be looking down from above with a wry smile etched across his face.