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The Imitation Game? Dyson Wants To Join The Electric Car Revolution

The Multi-billionaire boss and founder of Dyson, James Dyson, has declared his intention to build an electric car. When I say build it is highly unlikely Dyson will build an electric car at all for manufacturing. More than likely the Dyson electric car will be a $2bn prototype full of next generation electric technology.

Dyson's ambtion is to launch the car by 2020. However, Making a car is a highly complex operation not least spending billions to develop and test, it's a huge commitment in terms of money and people. And you have to find the right people, that in and on itself is difficult.

Then there is the manufacturing side, sure Dyson has expertise in starting from nothing, to an idea, to development and to scaling up production. However, the car industry is a different animal to making a bagless vacum cleaner.

I am pretty sure Dyson is not interested in building an electric car at all. Rather Dyson is probably seeking to become an electric car component supplier.

Dyson says they will spend $2.7 billion on solid-state battery technology and vehicle design. So they are going to design a car from scratch in three years? never going to happen.

It took Tesla Motors 14 years to get to the Model S and the goal of selling 100,000 units per year. Nevertheless, Dyson has committed a 400 strong research and develeopment team for the past 2 years.

Or maybe I am completely wrong, Dyson has been poaching design and engineering talent from Aston Martin and Jaguar Land Rover. So maybe there will be a Dyson electric car after all?

Let's wait and see what happens in 2020.