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There's A Tesla Truck Now? Damn Straight There Is, But It's Been Delayed

Tesla is going full steam ahead with the launch of the Tesla electric truck, although it appears to have run out of steam, not literally, more so the launch date has been pushed back by three weeks. The Tesla semi-truck was due to be officially unveiled on October 26, it will now be revealed on November 16.

The delay is due to a number of reasons, production bottlenecks on the Model 3 are one. Tesla also diverted its resources to assist in the recovery effort in Puerto Rico after the island was hit by a massive hurricane.

The Tesla Truck is expected to feature improved driverless technology. However, a claimed range of between 200 and 300 miles means it will be limited to regional short-haul locations.
Tesla certainly receives a fair share of publicity from the media who seemingly hang on every word, every sentence the company and its founder, Elon Musk, relays.

However reality has set in, the Model 3 has been over-subscribed in terms of pre-orders and Tesla is having difficulty in scaling up production to meet demand.

Inevitably this will hurt quality in the short and long term, so are Tesla turning into the EV version of Alfa Romeo?

Maybe, Tesla will learn that meeting public expectations is much more difficult to sell than the "big idea".