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These Are The Steps First Time Buyers Should Take Before Purchasing A Pre-owned Car

Buying a used/pre-owned car is riskier than playing Russian Roulette. The loaded weapon is always the desperate seller looking for inexperienced buyers and first-time buyers are the proverbial lambs to the slaughter...

If you are a first-time buyer then follow these basic steps, they will help you avoid potential fiduciary pitfalls.

Check the ‘log book’ (V5) against the number (VIN) on the car. If the V5 is not present, do not purchase the car

The V5 does not prove ownership, so check the person selling it is the actual owner – ask for a receipt or contract from the dealer

Do your research. Check the mileage and MOT history at https://www.gov.uk/topic/mot/get-check-mot

Blown turbochargers, snapped timing chains, smoking engines – all these and more can result from delaying an oil change or using the wrong oil. Ask for the service history and take the time to look through it. If a service is due negotiate on the price, but if the history’s missing, walk away

Dashboard lights are important. Check all the systems such as ABS and stability control. Make sure they all light up when you turn on the ignition and go out after a few seconds or when you start the engine. Check the handbook if you’re not sure you’ve seen them all

After starting the engine, listen carefully for the first few seconds – any knocks or rattles are bad signs. Grey exhaust smoke is a sign of a worn engine – check it after your test drive when the engine is hot

As well as checking the suspension by listening for rattles or clunks over rough roads, try stopping at different rates – gently and rapidly. The engine should never stall as the car stops and the revs shouldn’t drop very low and then pick up to the right idle speed

Reject a car if you have any concerns. Cars are too often an emotional rather than a rational choice. If in doubt, sleep on it and make a decision in the morning

Owning your first car, new or pre-owned, should be an enjoyable experience. However, here at Carcela.com we take all of the hassle out of buying a car, we carry out methodical checks and if we are not happy with the mechanical condition of the car then we will not sell it on to our customers.

Hassel free buying from Carcela.com, you can forgive us if we blow our own trumpets. Having the trust of our customers will always be our priority.