/ Larry Kosilla

15 Steps You Should Follow if You Are Going To Clean Your Car Over The Weekend

Bucket of water... check, soap... check, water hose... check and mate. Three essential tools for cleaning your car and restoring it back to its former glory. Or so you thought.

Turns out cleaning a car is a little bit more complex than a bucket of water and car shampoo.

Don't call Larry Kosilla a car cleaner, call him a detailer and expert in... cleaning cars.

Kosilla was a high flying Wall Street trader but soon found his way out of the industry to follow his true passion, being around expensive cars.

Even though his Wall Street pay check could have bought him many, many expensive cars he decided buying his way to happiness was not fulfilling.

So he started AMMONYC, a specialist car detailing business catering for Porsche and Ferrari clients basically expensive cars.