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Three Reasons Why You Should Use Carcela To Buy A Used Car

It's fair to say we here at Carcela offer a digital platform for car buyers looking to fulfill a desire to break free of the internment that is otherwise known as public transport. In other words, carcela.com is a stress-free used car buying and selling platform.

If you have ever visited a used car dealership or a dodgy backstreet car dealer then you may have discovered they share a universal theme. They promise the earth and deliver little. Customer service is restricted to artificially whitened teeth or a filthy self-service hot drinks dispenser devoid of any flavorsome beverage.

So how do you avoid the used car dealership entrapment? Of course, we are going to say use carcela.com, so here are three reasons why you should.

1.) Carcela takes care of the entire buying process

Let us imagine your name is Julia, you live in Buckinghamshire, 20 something, you have a full-time job and you are looking to replace a hand-me-down 10 year old flea ridden VW Beetle. Browsing through Carcela.com you happen to spot a 14-Reg VW Polo that you really like, but the seller is located in Glasgow. That's a Long way to travel isn't? How do you check the car out? How can you ascertain its true condition? Does it have a log book? Does it have a full-service history? Does the tax need renewing?

The answer? Before every car is listed on Carcela a 200 point inspection has been carried by our partners Click Mechanic, a professional and reputable company that follows regulated industry standards. If the car requires a service we shall carry it out. Our processes are completely different from buying a used car from say, Autotrader.com because our team of experts will assist Julia every step of the way.

2.) Carcela acts like your personal assistant, kind of like a concierge

OK, so Julia, she likes the colour, spec and price of the VW Polo and has agreed to buy and made payment. Carcela will take care of all the paperwork from registering the car in your name, transfer of details, tax etc. So how does Julia collect her car? Easy, Carcela arranges the transportation for Julia so all she has to do is schedule a time/date and wait at home, or at the office, while Carcela arranges the collection and delivery from Glasgow too Buckinghamshire.

3.) Carcela will ensure you don't have to worry about breakdowns, because they will not occur!
We are confident that our processes will ensure your new purchase will never breakdown after 20 miles! Many of the cars we sell are a little over 3 years old, modern cars are much more reliable than they have ever been. Carcela's team of experts thoroughly vet each car, if any car falls below our standards, be they mechanical or condition related, we will not sell it on to our customers. Our aim here at Carcela is to ensure that buying a used car is a bullet proof experience. Trust is very important to us, it is part of our corporate philosophy, it is highly desirable for our customers to have a safe and enjoyable experience.