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You Want A Warranty? You Can't Handle A 15 Year Ferrari Warranty

Let's face it owning a Ferrari is out of the question for most people and Ferrari know that. So how do you keep a relatively small band of buyers happy after charging them so much money to join the elites of car ownership? You charge them more money on top and if you are Ferrari then you offer an excuse, a 15 year warranty. The company’s New Power15 extended warranty programme aptly provides cover for Prancing Horse cars for up to - rather aptly - 15 years from the date they are first registered.

Ferrari became the first marque in the world to offer clients the possibility of extending warranty cover for up to 12 years. Now it has found a way of eliciting more money from its passionate group of owners with an extended programme that is far superior to that offered by a supermarket shelf life so owners get an even better package that will protect the value and functional integrity of their Prancing Horse cars over an even longer period.


Every new Ferrari comes with the standard factory four-year warranty (in the UK) along with a seven-year free maintenance programme. The full factory warranty can be extended for a further one year and, from the vehicle’s 6th to 12th year, owners can stipulate the New Power warranty which provides cover on all major components.

New Power15 extends even further Ferrari’s class-leading programme with the possibility of covering the vehicle’s main mechanical components, including the engine, gearbox, PTU, suspension and steering, from year 12 right up to year 15. The coverage for the new extension lasts for 12 months and can be renewed annually for three years.

This warranty extension option is available both for new and pre-owned Ferraris. Subject to the car passing specific technical checks. Of course Ferrari don't reveal how much all of this costs, but as the old saying goes if you need ask the price you probably can't afford...